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20 Mar
Rank Transfer Information Jesse
Hi everyone,

Some information regarding rank transfers from the Pixel Punchers forum:

We are offering all players who own a rank on Fairytale Fallout, the possibility to transfer it to Pixel Punchers. Since ranks on Pixel are not the same, this will be done by giving you the equivalent rank of each specific gamemode. Basically, this means that if you had the 2nd highest rank on Fairytale Skyblock, you will also receive the 2nd highest rank on the Pixel Skyblock. Ranks cannot be transfered between gamemodes and are not transferrable to another username. For Creative players there is an exception: If you held a rank on this gamemode, you can choose which Pixel server you want to transfer it to. For all other gamemodes, we have provided a list which specifies the ranks on Fairytale that will be transferred to the ranks on Pixel Punchers.

Survival Server:
  • Leprechaun » Guardian
  • Unicorn » Shulker
  • Mermaid » Phantom
  • Witch » Wither
  • Pegasus » Dragon
  • Fairytale » Pixel
  • Royalty » Pixel
Skyblock Server:
  • Leprechaun » Coal
  • Unicorn » Iron
  • Mermaid » Gold
  • Witch » Emerald
  • Pegasus » Diamond
  • Fairytale » Pixel
  • Royalty » Pixel

Submit a Transfer
In order to submit a rank transfer, you must fill out a special form. ALL PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO FILL OUT THIS FORM, and failing to do so will...
18 Mar
The Server is Closing...
Hey Everyone!

So it is a weird message i never thought id be writing, but i have to let you all know that i will no longer be continuing with Fairytale Fallout… Ive loved having this server, and the last 2 to 3 years of having it has been a blast, but so much has changed for me in that time, and im now not able to give the server the love and attention it needs, and you all deserve. This has been a super tough choice to make, and one i dont take lightly, but for the last few months the server hasnt been making enough to cover the costs of running it. Making the server was never about the money for me, which is why it lasted so long, but i cant keep the server going while its losing money any more. Since the server started my life and responsibilities have changed so much, between running my channel, live streaming, and running MC Championships, i just dont have the time to give to a server now. But fear not! Ive spoken with my good friend Seapeekay, and we are going to be merging FairytaleFallout with his new server Pixel Punchers! Most of you who are fans of my content already know Callum, and he is able to give the server way more attention that im going to be able too. So starting April 1st (its not an april fools, i promise!) youll no longer be able to go on FairytaleFallout, but instead you will go to Pixel Punchers! Now im aware a lot of you have spent money on the...
Heya all!

Small announcement this time!

First off I'd like to share another staff promotion we've just had.
@Melody has been promoted to Administrator!

Congratulations Melody!

Now, for the other thing.
We'd like to have some feedback from you all in concerns to the server rules.
The rules are quite outdated and don't fit the server anymore, which is why we want to revise them.
But we want to make sure everyone has a say in this revision to keep the rules as close to the community as possible!

In the following Link is a google form, here you can share the feedback concerning the current server rules.
Filling in this form will take you about 10-30 minutes, based on how much you want to share with us.
Additionally to this, the form will only stay open till the end of the day, February 2nd 2020 CET time.

I hope you all have a wonderful day/night/afternoon!

~ MoonMoon
23 Dec
Christmas Build Competition Winners Jesse

Hi everyone,

I'm very excited to announce the winners of this year's Christmas Build Competition. We've received some really incredible builds and it was a difficult task for the team to make a decision on the winning submissions. So difficult in fact, that we've had to add a 6th prize winner! All participants truly showed off their best build skills and we would like to thank everybody for participating!

As announced in the YouTube video yesterday, the winners of the competition are as follows:
  • 1st place: BANHI ($/£/€50 Amazon Giftcard + $25 Store Credit + Unique "Winner" Tag)
  • 2nd place: gweta ($/£/€20 Amazon Giftcard + $25 Store Credit)
  • 3rd place: Jonte_swe ($25 Store Credit)
  • 4th place: FreakyMe ($20 Store Credit)
  • 5th place: iiSadPosts ($10 Store Credit)
  • 6th place: HiMyNameIsKyra ($10 Store Credit)
A massive congratulations to all of you, it wasn't easy to choose the winners of each prize! All winning members have been contacted on Discord to claim their prize.

We hope you've enjoyed this special event, and hope to be back soon with more community content. Don't forget that there is also a 40% OFF Sale running on our store during the holidays, so be sure take advantage while you can! The sale lasts until January 4th.

Heya all!

I hope you'll all have a great Christmas time and holidays ahead of you with much joy and presents to open up!
Here at Fairytale Fallout we also have some presents to open and share with the rest of you!

Staff promotions
Since it's been a while staff promotion wise, we've decided to brighten up the Christmas days with some promotions.
Please congratulate the following members:

  • Hannahomp (Mod)
  • Elytras (Mod)
  • DeafeningSilence (Mod)
  • Sahalie (Mod)
  • Gweta (Mod)
  • HayHay755 (Mod)
We hope they'll keep on doing their best for the server and of course you all, the community!
Going further into that, we've decided to open up the staff applications again.

Staff applications are open again
Be sure to read the format and requirements first before making your application.
As to make sure we get the right information and don't have to ask further!

As for how long the applications are going to be open, aim on around a month from today.
This can be a bit more or less depending on how we feel the applications are doing and if we feel we have enough or not.
You can create your application here.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask around!

Once again, have a great holiday season and enjoy yourself!
~ MoonMoon

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Although I never played on here often, I would pop in a few times and I will never forget how wonderful the community here was. I'm sure the community isn't going to separate, but I loved playing on this server for the couple of times I've came online :) We'll miss you FTFO, but you will not be forgotten
Its sad to see the server closing, Iv'e met so many wonderful people on this server!
Farewell Fairytale o/
I love this community and each and every one of you very much. also please be sure to stay safe! ♡
I’m online someone joinnn T-T