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Heya all!

Small announcement this time!

First off I'd like to share another staff promotion we've just had.
@Melody has been promoted to Administrator!

Congratulations Melody!

Now, for the other thing.
We'd like to have some feedback from you all in concerns to the server rules.
The rules are quite outdated and don't fit the server anymore, which is why we want to revise them.
But we want to make sure everyone has a say in this revision to keep the rules as close to the community as possible!

In the following Link is a google form, here you can share the feedback concerning the current server rules.
Filling in this form will take you about 10-30 minutes, based on how much you want to share with us.
Additionally to this, the form will only stay open till the end of the day, February 2nd 2020 CET time.

I hope you all have a wonderful day/night/afternoon!

~ MoonMoon
23 Dec
Christmas Build Competition Winners Jesse

Hi everyone,

I'm very excited to announce the winners of this year's Christmas Build Competition. We've received some really incredible builds and it was a difficult task for the team to make a decision on the winning submissions. So difficult in fact, that we've had to add a 6th prize winner! All participants truly showed off their best build skills and we would like to thank everybody for participating!

As announced in the YouTube video yesterday, the winners of the competition are as follows:
  • 1st place: BANHI ($/£/€50 Amazon Giftcard + $25 Store Credit + Unique "Winner" Tag)
  • 2nd place: gweta ($/£/€20 Amazon Giftcard + $25 Store Credit)
  • 3rd place: Jonte_swe ($25 Store Credit)
  • 4th place: FreakyMe ($20 Store Credit)
  • 5th place: iiSadPosts ($10 Store Credit)
  • 6th place: HiMyNameIsKyra ($10 Store Credit)
A massive congratulations to all of you, it wasn't easy to choose the winners of each prize! All winning members have been contacted on Discord to claim their prize.

We hope you've enjoyed this special event, and hope to be back soon with more community content. Don't forget that there is also a 40% OFF Sale running on our store during the holidays, so be sure take advantage while you can! The sale lasts until January 4th.

Heya all!

I hope you'll all have a great Christmas time and holidays ahead of you with much joy and presents to open up!
Here at Fairytale Fallout we also have some presents to open and share with the rest of you!

Staff promotions
Since it's been a while staff promotion wise, we've decided to brighten up the Christmas days with some promotions.
Please congratulate the following members:

  • Hannahomp (Mod)
  • Elytras (Mod)
  • DeafeningSilence (Mod)
  • Sahalie (Mod)
  • Gweta (Mod)
  • HayHay755 (Mod)
We hope they'll keep on doing their best for the server and of course you all, the community!
Going further into that, we've decided to open up the staff applications again.

Staff applications are open again
Be sure to read the format and requirements first before making your application.
As to make sure we get the right information and don't have to ask further!

As for how long the applications are going to be open, aim on around a month from today.
This can be a bit more or less depending on how we feel the applications are doing and if we feel we have enough or not.
You can create your application here.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask around!

Once again, have a great holiday season and enjoy yourself!
~ MoonMoon
Hi everyone,

We hope you've been enjoying the recent updates around Fairytale Fallout as we have an exciting announcement for you today regarding our annual Christmas Build Competition. Each year, we bring you an exciting set of events, and one of them this time around is the reintroduction of our build competition! Keep reading for all the ins and outs of this special event.

Event Information
The annual Christmas Build Competition will be running from December 4 - December 21, after which entries are no longer accepted. All players are challenged to build the best possible Christmas Plot on the server's Creative Server. Players have been given access to at least two plots to accommodate for the need of an extra plot. After the competition has ended, the server's Management & Admins teams will be judging over the different build and announce a winner. This winner will be highlighted in a video on the Dangthatsalongname YouTube channel!

Event Prizes
This year, we are giving away some stunning prices to the players who end up in the first through fifth place. Check them out below!
  • 1st place: $/£/€50 Amazon Giftcard + $25 Store Credit + Unique "Winner" Tag
  • 2nd place: $/£/€20 Amazon Giftcard + $25 Store Credit
  • 3rd place: $25 Store Credit
  • 4th place: $20 Store Credit...

Hi everyone,

I am excited to share a new chapter for Fairytale Fallout today, as this post marks the release of some of our brand new servers! Our team has been working on a huge revamp for the network, and with today’s announcement I would love to tell you more about it. Follow along to read what’s new!

Release Information
Fairytale Fallout will be resetting today at 4PM EST / 8PM BST. To prepare for today’s reset, our servers will be going offline 6 hours in advance for maintenance work. Please click here to find a countdown which adapts to your own time zone for the release. Our IP is

Reset Information
Today we are releasing three new servers: Skyblock, Survival and Creative, and we will be suspending one of our existing Towny servers. This means that no progress made on our current Towny server will currently be lost, however players will only be able to enter the world in “view-only mode”. Building is no longer be allowed and we encourage players to try and settle into one of our newer servers as Towny will become unavailable to view in the future.

All three of our gamemodes are jam-packed with new content and collectively have hundreds of hours...

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Great quote I learned from Sid Meier's Civilization 4, thought I should add it here. :)
I haven't been online in ages bc of my holiday hopefully it doesn't decrease my chances of being staff ;-;
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How do I change a spawner to a iron golem I legit just forgot :mad: