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  1. Jesse

    Announcement Rank Transfer Information

    The button to the form is on the top right once you have clicked on the link. Note that you will need to create an account first. If you have Fairytale on all servers, your Creative rank will be transferred to Factions. Just specify this in your thread :)
  2. Jesse

    Announcement Rank Transfer Information

    Hi everyone, Some information regarding rank transfers from the Pixel Punchers forum:
  3. Jesse

    Announcement Christmas Build Competition Winners

    Hi everyone, I'm very excited to announce the winners of this year's Christmas Build Competition. We've received some really incredible builds and it was a difficult task for the team to make a decision on the winning submissions. So difficult in fact, that we've had to add a 6th prize winner...
  4. Jesse

    Announcement Annual Christmas Competition Announcement!

    Hi everyone, We hope you've been enjoying the recent updates around Fairytale Fallout as we have an exciting announcement for you today regarding our annual Christmas Build Competition. Each year, we bring you an exciting set of events, and one of them this time around is the reintroduction of...
  5. Jesse

    Announcement Fairytale Fallout Revamp - November 3rd, 4PM EST

    Hi everyone, I am excited to share a new chapter for Fairytale Fallout today, as this post marks the release of some of our brand new servers! Our team has been working on a huge revamp for the network, and with today’s announcement I would love to tell you more about it. Follow along to read...
  6. Jesse

    If you take the funds out it should delete it on its own :)

    If you take the funds out it should delete it on its own :)
  7. Jesse

    Please try on 1.13.2

    Please try on 1.13.2
  8. Jesse

    Responded :)

    Responded :)
  9. Jesse

    Nothing we can do about this, it's with PayPal :/

    Nothing we can do about this, it's with PayPal :/
  10. Jesse

    Announcement Wands have been added to the store!

    Hi everyone, This is just a quick heads up that we pushed an update to our store recently, which included a boatload of new items available for purchase. I wanted to highlight a few of them in this post, so be sure to check out the list below if you've been thinking of picking anything up...
  11. Jesse

    Announcement Fairytale Fallout Reset, Saturday, May 18 @ 3PM EST

    Hi everyone, I am very excited today to announce the reset of the Survival Server, which will be releasing on Fairytale Fallout this Saturday, at 3PM EST / 8PM BST. This is a significant update with major changes to the Survival experience, so be sure to check out the changes below to stay...
  12. Jesse

    Fixed :)

    Fixed :)
  13. Jesse

    Fixed :)

    Fixed :)
  14. Jesse

    Announcement March Staff Update

    Hi everyone, Just a quick staff update today! We have processed a few new demotions and promotions, and would like to keep you all in the loops. Check out and see what changed below! The following players have been promoted: @Melody: Promoted from Helper to Moderator @Brooklyn: Promoted from...
  15. Jesse

    I'm sorry to hear :(. Wha thappened?

    I'm sorry to hear :(. Wha thappened?
  16. Jesse

    Announcement FLASH Sale Announcement!

    Hey all, We just increased our store promotions to 60% for a limited time FLASH Sale! Now's your chance to snatch up on that rank or item you've always been willing to get. In addition, for any purchases over $25, we are offering an additional $5 by using coupon code FLASH on checkout! This...
  17. Jesse

    Announcement Survival World Border Extension

    Hi everyone, Quick update from us today. We have just extended the border on Survival from the original 15.000 x 15.000 to 20.000 x 20.000. This means that there is now more opportunity to explore lands, resources and locations to build on! We hope you enjoy this change :) Thanks, Jesse
  18. Jesse

    Announcement Our Christmas Deals are now LIVE!

    Hey everyone, 'Tis the season! On top of all the awesome events that we're hosting in-game, we have just launched our holiday deals on the server store. This is our best selection of packages yet! Our team has curated a special list of our most popular store items, and packed them into a...
  19. Jesse

    Announcement Black Friday SALE!

    Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving for all of you in the US! This is just a heads up to let you know we have just launched our Black Friday SALE! From now until Monday, November 26th (11:59PM EST), you will be able to snatch up ALL of our store items at an amazing 60% OFF. This is the highest...
  20. Jesse

    Announcement New Staff, Karaoke, Rules Update and more!

    Hey everyone, We have a fair share of things to update you on today - so without any further ado, let's get started! Staff Update As you may know, the management team has recently gone over applications that were submitted for the month of October, and made their decisions as to who have been...