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Announcement Fairytale Fallout Reset, Saturday, May 18 @ 3PM EST


Hi everyone,

I am very excited today to announce the reset of the Survival Server, which will be releasing on Fairytale Fallout this Saturday, at 3PM EST / 8PM BST. This is a significant update with major changes to the Survival experience, so be sure to check out the changes below to stay informed.

For a countdown which adapts to your own time zone, please click here.

Reset Information
As with every reset, all server progress will be set back to zero. You will lose your current claims, balances and inventories to make place for a new season of Survival. Ranks and global items are kept, and won’t be changed during this reset. Any consumables which you may have purchased up to 7 days before the reset will be reimbursed automatically once you login.

The server will go offline 24 hours before the reset (Friday at 3PM EST / 8PM BST) to prepare the network for the upcoming release. This Survival release will be running on server version 1.13.2, and is backwards compatible with versions 1.9-1.12.2.

Below are some of the highlighted features in this server release.

Discontinuation of Skyblock and RPG
With the reset of Survival, we will be officially discontinuing the RPG and Skyblock gamemodes on our server. Over the course of the last year, we have noticed a strong preference from our community into Survival, which resulted in these gamemodes being left behind. It is only fair to conclude that they don't have a time and place on Fairytale at this time - and therefore they will be removed from the network going forward.

Both gamemodes will go down on Friday, as with the rest of the network. When we launch on Saturday, Fairytale will continue as a Survival-only server. Our Hubs and server selector will be removed as a result of this.

Towny Implementation
With the continuation of Survival, we will be updating the entire server with Towny support. For those who are unfamiliar, Towny is a popular Minecraft plugin which allows players to create fully featured towns and nations on the server, and includes various useful features, such as a ranking system (with mayors and kings), and the ability for owners to setup plots for their residents. It's a very real-life looking experience and we firmly believe that this will increase the efficiency of playing on the Survival server.

If you would like to learn more about how towny works, we recommend reading some of the helpful articles available on the Towny website (click here), or checking out Towny tutorials on YouTube (click here). The current gold shovel / claim blocks system will be removed to make way for this new feature.

1.13 Server Support
One of the most frequently asked question this past season was when will enable support for Minecraft Version 1.13. This is an extremely complicated behind the scenes task that requires a lot of internal software changes - and as an unfortunate result, this meant that we weren't able to deliver it on our previous infrastructure.

On our updated Survival experience, this will no longer be an issue. We have worked very hard on adding support for this new version and are excited to share that this will be functional for the upcoming reset, meaning all blocks, entities and other 1.13 features will be available.

Final Note
We hope you are excited about what we are releasing and cannot wait to deliver you this updated Survival experience. The launch on Saturday will be live streamed on Twitch, click here for the link.

See you all on Saturday!

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is the server still down or is it just me? i've been trying to log on for several days and its keeps saying that the server is still under reconstruction or something. please message me back on this so i can continue playing on my fav server.


is the server still down or is it just me? i've been trying to log on for several days and its keeps saying that the server is still under reconstruction or something. please message me back on this so i can continue playing on my fav server.
Hi there!
As of last week, the server has been up and running with the new reset.

Here are a few ideas that I suggest you do to fix your problem:
  • Log out and back into the Minecraft Launcher
  • Uninstall and then Reinstall Minecraft
  • If you are trying to login with Optifine, try using a version without it
  • Make sure you are joining in version 1.13+ (I personally play in 1.13.2)
If these do not work then please do contact the staff team again so we can get to the bottom of it! :emoji_slight_smile:
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every time I've tried going on the server for the past week it has told me that maintenance is being done