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Announcement Fairytale Fallout Revamp - November 3rd, 4PM EST



Hi everyone,

I am excited to share a new chapter for Fairytale Fallout today, as this post marks the release of some of our brand new servers! Our team has been working on a huge revamp for the network, and with today’s announcement I would love to tell you more about it. Follow along to read what’s new!

Release Information
Fairytale Fallout will be resetting today at 4PM EST / 8PM BST. To prepare for today’s reset, our servers will be going offline 6 hours in advance for maintenance work. Please click here to find a countdown which adapts to your own time zone for the release. Our IP is

Reset Information
Today we are releasing three new servers: Skyblock, Survival and Creative, and we will be suspending one of our existing Towny servers. This means that no progress made on our current Towny server will currently be lost, however players will only be able to enter the world in “view-only mode”. Building is no longer be allowed and we encourage players to try and settle into one of our newer servers as Towny will become unavailable to view in the future.

All three of our gamemodes are jam-packed with new content and collectively have hundreds of hours of work invested into them. They’re the best servers we’ve ever made and we’re sure that you will love them. As part of the revamp, we’ve decided to give ourselves a fresh new look. We hope you enjoy the updated design of our logo and website, as they set the new design of our server for years to come.

Anybody who has purchased ranks on either one of our servers before, will automatically receive them back unless these have previously been compensated. In this case you have received a voucher code worth the amount of the item you purchased. Players who have purchased a rank on Towny Survival will transfer their rank to regular Survival automatically.

There’s a lot of new content available on these servers, and I’d like to share a few highlights with you below.

Vote Shop
Available across all of our gamemodes is the new vote shop. By voting for us on server lists, you will automatically receive vote tokens which you can use to redeem for awesome rewards on our servers. There are a variety of rewards available to purchase with your tokens, so be sure to check them out! The Vote Shop is currently unavailable on Survival, however will be added in a future update.

Void Chest
New to our Skyblock Server is the introduction of Void Chests. By obtaining this special Chest through the store of Mob Coin shop, players will be able to automatically sell all of the items to the server as they enter the chest. Items can be filtered using a whitelist and blacklist, and there is a fancy hologram that toggles on and off, showing you progress and statistics on how much you sell.

Power Hoppers
Power Hoppers are new to Skyblock as well, and allow you to quickly and easily pickup items via hoppers without having to physically move them through the Hopper. Once a Power Hopper is placed, it checks for drops in a certain range (depending on your tier), and automatically picks them up and transports them. Transporting items can be done to a chest which is assigned, or a Chest which is connected up to 75 blocks away - making this a perfect way to organise your farms!

Mob Coins
On the topic of farms, saving up for a Mob Spawner on your island is now worth it even more due to the introduction of Mob Coins. Monsters that spawn on your island, now drop a certain amount of Coins when killed, which you can use to purchase a variety of different items in the Mob Coins shop. Check it out by typing /mobcoins.

Casino Games
Available across all of our servers is the new /casino command, which you can use to challenge yourself and other players to a variety of fun and classic casino games. At the time of release, we offer a game of Jackpot, Coin Flip, and RPS! (Rock, Paper, Scissors )

Player Warps
Built something awesome and want to show it off to other players? Say no more! Starting today, players will be able to setup their own Player Warps, which can be accessed by everyone on the server via the /pwarp command. Regular players have permission to create one warp, ranked players receive extra warps depending on their level.

New Rank
To top it all off, today we have also introduced the new Queen Rank on the server! Queen is our newest top tier rank (above Fairytale) and offers a variety of useful benefits across all of our servers, such as the ability to set unlimited homes, play in spectator mode, move through objects, and of course to show off a brand-new rainbow prefix! An updated list of all rank perks can be found by clicking here, we’ve added some nifty new things to other ranks as well!

Final Note
We hope you are as excited as we are and cannot wait to deliver you these brand new servers. The launch later today will be live streamed on Twitch, click here for the link to the stream. Feel free to join in and chat around with the rest of the players!

See you all tonight!