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Greifing/stealing in my town.

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Hi! I don't have discord so i can't contact anyone about it through there, but I am the owner of a town type thing. someone has been stealing and breaking a lot of things. examples of that are: chests/ mailboxes being opened, maps and item-frames being taken, people's houses have been slightly destroyed by someone taking wood from their structures, our rule books have been taken, and someone just completely destroyed my mailbox. the most recent (12/1/19, 2:22 est) was someone took all of the roses around my friend's house. that's just petty theft at this point. we just made a secret Santa in our village and i really don't want people to open their gifts and everything be gone. if someone could help that would be great. the coords are -628.369 /64.00000 / -3826.594


Hey there,
I have just DM'd you :)

(For future reference, I also recommend starting a conversation with an Admin on here rather than posting on this or any other category as they are the incorrect area for this matter)
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