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It is I, Kingley!

I am the lion, hahaA! - as well as the king of the 'lytras! Ever since sometime in the summer of 2019, Fairytale has pulled me back into my Minecraft addiction. It started when I found this server on accident browsing through Affixes's business website. I clicked on Fairytale out of curiosity and discovered that some of my friends had been playing here for the past couple years. Then I started a town and bought pegasus, then fairytale, then royalty, and at some point I acquired chat tags and the 3x multiplier. I also started logging in nearly every day and playing for countless hours. In sum, Fairytale became my new home. I've met lots of cool people here - you all know who you are. ;)

Cheers all, thanks for stopping by.

~ Kingley

P.S. - I put my most recent selfie below. :)