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Announcement March Staff Update


Hi everyone,

Just a quick staff update today! We have processed a few new demotions and promotions, and would like to keep you all in the loops. Check out and see what changed below!

The following players have been promoted:
  • @Melody: Promoted from Helper to Moderator
  • @Brooklyn: Promoted from Helper to Moderator
  • @Kiana: Promoted from Moderator to Administrator
Be sure to congratulate them!

Unfortunately, the following players have been demoted:
Thank you for the time and effort you have put into our community!

That being said, we have now opened up staff applications for the month of March! If you have ever dreamed of staffing on Fairytale Fallout, now's your chance! Check out the link below to find out application form, however make sure you comply with our requirements before you do! Applications will close at the end of the month.

Link to application form:

Until next time...