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The ultimate guide to chestshops!


Community Manager
Heyo all!

Since there's been some questions about how to create chestshops, I'll share the way of doing it here!

First of, what do you need?
As you can see you'd need a chest, a sign and at least one of the item you want to buy/sell.

1) Put the chest somewhere you want to have your chestshop
2) Shift right-click the sign on the chest, a window will open.
3) The below screenshot will give you the layout of what has to be on the sign;
Amount = the amount of items you want to sell/buy in one go.
Price = the price for the given amount of items you want to sell/buy.
On the lowest row you either use buy or sell, this indicates what kind of shop it is. Click on done, now you'll get a popup in your chat and the text on the sign will turn light red.
1579901160703.png 1579901245208.png

4) Left-click the item you want to buy/sell on the sign and done! Your sign will look like one of the below four screenshots.
!! If you're selling the items, make sure you fill up your shop !!

Now a fun thing comes around, as you can see there's the item you sell/buy floating on the chest. You can change this too!
By shift left-clicking on your shop sign you can change the item layout to one of the below four ways.
1579901379328.png 1579901395658.png 1579901410634.png 1579901424893.png

Now, all that's left to do is tell people you sell or buy a certain block and show them where to sell/buy it!
Extra info: the chest is locked for everyone except the owner of the shop, so no worries about stealing!

Hope this clears up some confusion and maybe shows you a feature you didn't know exist!
Of course, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

~ MoonMoon