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Announcement We need your feedback and another staff promotion!


Community Manager
Heya all!

Small announcement this time!

First off I'd like to share another staff promotion we've just had.
@Melody has been promoted to Administrator!

Congratulations Melody!

Now, for the other thing.
We'd like to have some feedback from you all in concerns to the server rules.
The rules are quite outdated and don't fit the server anymore, which is why we want to revise them.
But we want to make sure everyone has a say in this revision to keep the rules as close to the community as possible!

In the following Link is a google form, here you can share the feedback concerning the current server rules.
Filling in this form will take you about 10-30 minutes, based on how much you want to share with us.
Additionally to this, the form will only stay open till the end of the day, February 2nd 2020 CET time.

I hope you all have a wonderful day/night/afternoon!

~ MoonMoon